Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction planning is valuable in determining schedule, economic viability and critical issues relating to every project. Key members of the Waverly staff work closely with members of the Project Team to provide accurate conceptual and development budgeting, value engineering, LEED planning, and realistic master scheduling.


Construction Management

As a Construction Manager we oversee the planning, design and construction of your project from the earliest stages to its finish. The range in this approach includes open-book, cost-of-work, and guaranteed price agreements.  Owners seeking a collaborative relationship throughout the planning, design, and construction process have come to rely on Waverly’s management capabilities and its philosophy of partnership as the Project evolves. This approach maximizes control over schedule, quality and project cost.


General Contracting

General Contracting differs from Construction Management in that we supervise and manage only the construction phase of the Work.  As a General Contractor, Waverly has successfully performed on projects  ranging from minor on-call for public organizations, to large site and building projects for private, non-profit and institutional users. In every case, the work has been successfully completed while a strong and trusting relationship with project owners has been built.

Commercial construction site


Since 2006, Waverly has been self-performing minor demolition, drywall, ceiling, carpentry, and door and hardware work. Having these builder capabilities brings the immediate benefit of lower prices; particularly when working in facilities where customers encounter unanticipated needs. An important side benefit is effective supervision at the craft level. This hands-on approach allows us more control over the scheduling, quality and cost of your project.

commercial contractor at work

Design Build 

By partnering with designers and specialty contractors from the conception of a project, we can better control outcomes in cases where speed, accuracy, and single-source responsibility are paramount. The design-build relationship has also proven important in situations where owners are evaluating the impact of multiple project scenarios on budget feasibility or; where a customer’s staff could benefit from the efficiencies of a single point of contact in managing a multifaceted design and construction process.

commercial construction