Waverly Construction & Management Company is a
Commercial General Contracting and Construction Management
firm serving public, private, and non-profit organizations.
Our Company has been building on relationships of trust since 1993.

We are a team of construction professionals, committed to client, industry and community.  Inherent to our character is an ambition to work hard at being loyal partners and dedicated problem solvers, with an energy level that helps drive even the most challenging construction projects to a successful completion.


Our primary  business is to provide general construction and construction management services to clients in local markets.  We are also capable builders with the ability to self-perform drywall, carpentry, steel framing, and ceiling work.  EastWave, our sister company, provides similar services throughout Poland with Waverly furnishing executive management services and acting as an international liaison for US clients involved in oversees ventures.


We provide solutions for our customers through continued development of solid resources, which include staff, technological systems, subcontractors, and vendors.  We are committed to an approach based on partnership in support of customers’ goals and objectives.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We have a loyal staff committed to establishing trustworthy partnerships

  • We are energetic, resourceful and professional

  • We are flexible to our client’s needs

  • Our clients’ goals are our goals


I am extremely happy with everything they have done.  They were very attentive to every detail of the project, both big and small. I have received numerous compliments as to the work which was done by Waverly and I have found them to be a reputable and honest firm.”

Mitchel M. Gordon, Law Offices of Mitchel M. Gordon

“I highly recommend this excellent firm for your construction management projects — large and small”.

J. Montgomery Gingery, Gingery Development Group

“This was clearly a small project when looking at the scope of work Waverly typically completes. We never felt like a small project. The quality of the finished work and the attention to details was exemplary. It says so much about your team because they took such great care in all the work they did.”


“All specifications and details of the work were implemented in a timely and professional manner. Additional work, not originally in the scope was graciously provided by Waverly Construction & Management Company”.

David Sherman, University of Maryland

I cannot thank you enough for your help, artistry and willingness to help restore MSJ’s [Mount Saint Joseph’s High School] piano lab.  In record time for open house!”

Sue Esserwein, Mount Saint Joseph High School