In-Hospital:  Decades of working in sensitive hospital settings has brought about a keen awareness of the critical nature of infection, dust and noise control, security, coordinated power outages and hours of operation.   Our clients trust that we will plan, schedule, and communicate in a way that will ensure a smooth running project.

Off-Campus:  While off-campus facilities may have less stringent rules, there remains an important focus on the unique needs of medical users. Most often, busy physician’s groups require early-on budgets, they expect help with practical construction solutions. These clients  demand effort which respects the operational requirements of both private and institutional building owners.  And they benefit by an association that allows them to practice medicine; not coordinate contractors.  In its role, Waverly can direct a design-build process, act as General contractor or Construction Manager.

Regardless of In-Hospital or Off-Campus, Waverly works to match staff experience with each project’s requirements. We work hard to understand the needs of our customer’s and build a strong relationship on which they can count.

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