Expertise and Project Type

From purposeful ground-up buildings, to inspiring office fit-outs, and complex specialty projects, Waverly brings the same collaborative approach … delivering safe, high quality, timely solutions to a wide range of commercial projects.


We work closely with our clients encouraging their vision while remaining sensitive to the realities of budget and schedule constraints. Our projects range from single and multi-story, renovation and ground up, to end-user and mixed use.  Being flexible in our working relationships; whether negotiated, construction management or design-bid-build, results in a rewarding construction experience.


Our team has a thorough understanding that in shell and turn-key retail/mix-use challenges arise; conditions and plans change.  This is when reaction time, flexibility, communication and a collaborative attitude are essential to the success of a project. Waverly has a proven track record of working hand-in-glove with Owners, Designers and Tenants to ensure that the Teams goals are met in a fair and open way.


When planning a warehouse project we understand that construction materials, clear height, floor capacity, levelness, loading depth and building cost are fundamental considerations.  Waverly has been constructing flex-warehouse and logistics buildings since its earliest days.  We are experienced with conventional masonry, tilt-wall, and pre-engineered methods.  In fact, the Waverly staff was involved in constructing one of the earliest tilt-wall structures in the Baltimore Metro region.  Our team is prepared to help with building-type decisions and we are committed to seeing those decisions through to a successfully completed project.


Modern design emphasizes image, excitement, and space efficiency.  With these concentrations the cost of construction, as well as scheduling of the work and materials, can create opportunities.  An open and positive relationship with all team members becomes important in understanding the ultimate goals of our clients while keeping their best interest at the forefront.  Waverly has been working with Building Owners, Tenants, and Designers in building a solid reputation for producing results through budgeting, advising and constructing high-quality office interiors and building renovations since its first days in business.


Atypical in terms of design or use, these projects have unique characteristics such as complex but yet complimentary mechanical systems which handle frost heave, refrigeration and dehumidification necessary in ice arenas.  They often have unique locations with complicated property and scheduling constraints as was the case of coordinating around installation of new escalators and accompanying weather shelters installed in an occupied facility, working through days and nights.  Typical to each is a collaborative attitude where Owner, designers and Waverly team-up to identify, plan for and address the distinctive issues inherent to these projects.


In-Hospital:  Decades of working in sensitive hospital settings has brought about a keen awareness of the critical nature of infection, dust and noise control, security, coordinated power outages and hours of operation.   Our clients trust that we will plan, schedule, and communicate in a way that will ensure a smooth running project.

Off-Campus:  While off-campus facilities may have less stringent rules, there remains an important focus on the unique needs of medical users. Most often, busy physician’s groups require early-on budgets, they expect help with practical construction solutions. These clients  demand effort which respects the operational requirements of both private and institutional building owners.  And they benefit by an association that allows them to practice medicine; not coordinate contractors.  In its role, Waverly can direct a design-build process, act as General contractor or Construction Manager.

Regardless of In-Hospital or Off-Campus, Waverly works to match staff experience with each project’s requirements. We work hard to understand the needs of our customer’s and build a strong relationship on which they can count.


Senior Living Communities work hard to provide a friendly, safe, and respectful atmosphere for their residents and visitors. The Owners, Operators and staff set goals of excellence at all levels of interaction for every service which they provide.

Having over a decade of experience working in Senior Living Communities, from Independent and Assisted Living to secure Alzheimer’s Care;  and with a management team having an extensive firsthand understanding from a resident’s  perspective, we recognize all to well, the importance of these considerations.  We work hard to play our part by assigning skilled staff, self-performing work, and subcontracting with those who understand the importance of safety and security, and who respect the residents of each community.