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Building for an Aging Population


The demographics of aging are somewhat astounding.  Many predict that by 2030, the segment of our populace which is 65 or older will make up 19% of our country’s population.  With this remarkable growth comes an increasing demand for related health care services, including senior living facilities.  This has resulted in intensified design and construction of new living facilities for the aging. There has also been a surge in maintenance and upgrades to the numerous existing facilities within our region, making them more appealing to prospective residents and their families.

Within the Baltimore region, Waverly Construction has been honored to work in a number of senior living facilities as they strive to maintain environments that are not only  wonderful places to live, but in which the residents can maintain their dignity and feel secure.

Having completed a number of projects in The Shelter Group’s Brightview independent living, assisted living and dementia care communities, we know what it takes to help enhance these facilities.  Working in occupied spaces presents a specific set of challenges in itself.  Working in an environment that is home to the aging, sick and disabled takes special care, attention and coordination.  It is not just a construction process, it becomes a relationship with the people that work and live in these communities.

Our most recent projects for Brightview encompassed upgrades and renovations to common and administrative areas of their Mays Chapel, Bel Air and White Marsh complexes. 

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The William S. Baer School


DEFY THE ODDS” The William S. Baer School

All of us at Waverly Construction are very excited to be supporting The William S. Baer School this year!

The William S. Baer School, located in Baltimore City, has served children with disabilities for over 75 years.  We have seen firsthand, the immense need for community support in providing every opportunity possible to these very deserving and courageous children.  With students ranging in age from 3 to 21 years, their education and care goes far beyond traditional academics.  The needs of the students at Baer School cover an overwhelming, and highly individualized, range from medical care to dietary requirements; exercise to calming; learning life skills and skills we all take for granted – such as being able to climb stairs or feed oneself; and everything imaginable in between.  It is with dedication, caring and love that the teachers and staff at Baer School give their children the opportunities and tools they need to “defy the odds”.

As some of you may already know, Waverly has a history with The Baer School; from Ed Audy serving on the Board, staff members volunteering for events, and completing needed renovations to their facility. Not to mention a relationship with the President of Baer School’s Partnership Board that spans decades.

A 501c3 organization established in 1994, The William S. Baer School Partnership Board’s mission is to raise additional funds to support the special needs of Baer’s students and to secure volunteers for the school.  All

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How We Became Involved in ALZ


How We Became Involved in ALZ 2015
A major focus this year has been the Alzheimer’s Association. Its missionis one that is very personal to members of our Waverly family, who are facing the daily challenges of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. As you read their stories be low, you will quickly learn the devastation and heartache this disease brings to entire families and their friends. You will also learn that this disease does not only affect the elderly…and it can happen to any one of us…

Kathy, the wife of one of our partners, and a very vibrant personalitywith a passion for travel, was diagnosed 10 years ago, at the age of 52, with a form of Alzheimer’s known as PCA (Posterior Cortical Atrophy). This disease affected her eyesight early on, and as time as progressed, her memories and ability to function and care for herself. A wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, co-worker – tragically, she can no longer comprehend what these things mean.

Over the years, Alzheimer’s ravaged her brain to a point where 24/7 care b ecame a necessity for her safety and well-being. Even though in-home help was hired, with family and friends pitching in, the toll of this disease was not only claiming the life of Kathy, but that of her husband and three children. With their worlds falling apart and becoming smaller as they spent every spare moment caring for Kathy and mourning the gradual loss of the wife and

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Changes Coming to Annapolis City Dock aka “Ego Alley”


Surrounding the waterfront property at 110 Compromise Street, signs read, “No Docking”, “Sidewalk Closed”, and “Danger! Peligro! Construction Area”; But what these signs are actually revealing to this Annapolis community is that new life is being breathed into this long unoccupied building.  Formerly home to Fawcett Boat Supplies, the building has remained vacant since their move many years ago, and has been the subject of much debate by the city and developers as to just what to do with it.  Last spring the property was purchased by 110 Compromise Operator, LLC with the vision of creating a mixed-use facility that would include maritime tenants and a restaurant with waterfront and rooftop seating.

The Owner, working closely with Hammond Wilson Architects and Waverly Construction, has spent many months evaluating, planning, designing and pricing options to renovate this 11,158 sf property and construction is now underway.  Plans for this space include adding a rooftop structure, dining deck and raising the ground floor to mitigate the potentials of flooding. All of this means a substantial upgrade to the structure to support the added loads. Waverly has begun the first phase of construction with layout, demolition and new helical pier foundation.  Once the piers are complete, concrete works and structural steel work can begin.

We are very excited to be working with this very talented team in improving the waterfront of Annapolis City Dock; making it a place that people will want to go, whether by car, foot or by boat!

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