Summer is nearing its end, and the kids are back in school.  Holding a special place in the hearts of our Waverly family is The William S. Baer School. The William S. Baer School is a Baltimore City Public School that has been serving special needs students for over 75 years. These students range in age from 3 to 21. Each has heart rendering disabilities some have more than one.  All are economically disadvantaged.

After learning that students were starting the school year with notebooks that were old and previously used, clothes that were poorly fitted, and lacking many of the most basic supplies; we decided that we could make a difference. And, one of those ways has been to support the students of Baer through an annual School Supply Drive which has been enthusiastically supported by our Associates, Colleagues, Friends, and Families. This year marks our 3rd year for the Annual Drive to help “The Baers” get another year off to a great start!

The William S. Baer School operates with the active support of a Partnership Board which includes many local business leaders and volunteers. The Board selflessly raises funds and supports programs intended to help with the challenges of the varying disabilities and needs of the students.  With each passing year, the children become more dependent on medical technology, more medically fragile and more economically disadvantaged than ever before. The needs of the students at Baer School cover an overwhelming and highly individualized range, from medical care to dietary requirements; exercise to calming; learning life skills and abilities that we all take for granted – such as climbing stairs or feeding oneself; and everything imaginable in between.

The Baer School Partnership Board is a non-profit organization that was established in 1994.  Bridging the gap between what the public school system provides and the unique needs of the Baer children, the Board actively emboldens the success and determination of the Baer children.  Some of the projects funded and overseen by the Board include: Dot’s Cucina (renovated dining and kitchen area), therapeutic pool, air-conditioning, and equipment for the children, a butterfly deck for greater outdoor space, a music garden, a renovated playground and class trips where the children can practice life skills

Waverly’s relationship with The Baer School pre-dates the formation our company.  One of our founding partners, Jef Eyring, grew up visiting the Baer School with his friend, Graham Kastendike.  Graham’s mother was a passionate advocate and employee of the Baer School and after her passing, Graham who serves as the Board President was determined to carry on her legacy.  Another of our founding partners, Ed Audy, has served on the Partnership Board for many years, providing both personal and professional support to the school.

It is with dedication, caring and love that the Board, teachers and staff of The Baer School give their children the opportunities and tools they need to “defy the odds”.

With sincere thanks to our 2019 supporters:

Concrete Visions

B&B Commercial Interiors, Inc.

William Moschler

Janet Wilhelm

Whalen Properties

Katie & Matt Ferrante

Calvert Utilities, Inc.

Miki Merrell

Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators

AECF | Annie E. Casey Foundation

Prodec Finishes, Inc.

Southway Builders

Marshall Craft Associates

MCN | Maryland Construction Network

Windsor Electric Co., Inc.