Waverly and the American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Associationis an organization very near and dearto the hearts of many; providing educational programs and support, protecting the rights of people with diabetes and funding critical researchfor a cure. For us, it is yet another disease that has directly affected members of our Waverly family; coping daily with Juvenile Diabetes akaType 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes;the struggles are very real to us.

Our mission this year is to help educate our friends, families andcolleagues on the facts and realities of the often preventable Type 2 Diabetes and the potential devastation and heartache of Type 1 Diabetes; and to address the dangers of Gestational Diabetes.Along with our efforts to expand everyone’s knowledge of this disease, we will be participating in events, such as theTour de Cure, to raise funds for the ADA and the amazing work they do.

We will also be encouraging our own employees to live healthier and happier lives through various programs and activities. Participating in the ADA’s “Get Fit Don’t Sit” campaign, we hope to encourage a lifestyle that includes daily exercise.Later in the year the ADA will be hosting anemployee educational seminar “Diabetes 101” to help us understand the benefits of making better choices in our daily lives and the ripple effects of diabetes.It is our hope that someday a cure will be found.

In the meantime, our goal to help in the education and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and to give those living with Type 1 Diabetes more freedom and options for a long and healthy life.