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Mr. Brnich,

On behalf of the University of Maryland and myself, I would like to take the time to acknowledge your efforts on the recent interior painting of the Memorial Chapel.

All specifications and details of the work were implemented in a timely and professional manner. Additional work, not originally in the scope was graciously provided by Waverly Construction & Management Company.

The Memorial Chapel is the most photographed (interior and exterior) building on this Campus, and the time and logistical restraints involved makes all your hard work and effort that much more impressive.

The crew performed their duties with a high level of respect for the building and building occupants. Michael Parrott was a complete joy to work with. He’s very accommodating and put in the extra effort to understand exactly what we wanted. Mike played a large part in the timely manner in which this job reached completion.

Looking forward to working with both Mike and you on future projects.

Keep up the good work: it was truly a pleasure and thanks for a job well done.

Thanks, Dave

David Sherman
Supervisor, Construction Contracts — Paint
Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance
University of Maryland

Dear Ed,

It is my pleasure to recommend Waverly Construction Management Company, Inc., as a singularly capable, professional, attentive and innovative general contracting company.

My company has worked on many projects with Waverly Construction over the past twenty (20) years. We have always found them to function as partners with us in any project they have undertaken. They have served as the general manager of large projects, such as the construction of the Whiskey Bottom Trade Center and Collington Trade Center buildings: major tenant fit outs requiring movement of entire building systems; as well as space redesign. Waverly has worked with us at all of our building sites located in Prince George’s County and Howard County.

Backing, up their excellent professional capability is a corporate structure that provides for the smooth and consistent exchange of information and file maintenance that makes monitoring and closing a project clear and satisfactory.

Ed Brnich, at Waverly, functions as a member of our team. He can be relied upon to manage his projects efficiently and thoroughly. Ed also serves as a resource for project planning. He is an excellent conduit of information between trades, architects and his internal team.

I highly recommend this excellent firm for your construction management projects — large and small.

J. Montgomery Gingery
Gingery Development Group
Rockville, MD

Dear Jef:

Some thirty two years (32) ago we met on a small tenant finish project you were doing for Rouse & Associates. Since that time we have probably collaborated on 50 projects varying in size from that tenant project (14,000 sf) to the Gardens Ice House (120,000 sf, state-of-the-art year-round skating facility, Laurel, MD) or Metro Executive Terrace (150,000 sf, 5 story class A office building, Landover, MD). None of those projects were easy. They all required a dedicated and caring “team approach” to be successful. None of our projects were anything less than 100% successful. None of our projects did anything but exceed the owner’s expectations. On all of those projects, every one, Waverly (or its predecessor) was a 100% partner in our activities.

Writing about endless hours spent fighting the “battles” of real estate development have been a real challenge for me. I have struggled trying to adequately put into words my deep appreciation for all that you and your cohorts have done for me an my team mates. I remember vividly having no fear when I bet everything on the construction of the Gardens Ice House knowing that Waverly would exceed whatever was expected of you. And indeed you did. Through the wettest spring on record (1996) you slogged to get us open. And 14 members of the 1980 USA Gold Metal Hockey team opened the facility September 14, 1996 against the Washington Capitals Alumni team – what a glorious night! And there was never any doubt we would make it because I knew I had the best team doing all it could – just as before and ever since.

Thank you for always making our construction projects exceed our expectations.

Best wishes,
Claiborn M. Carr, President

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